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YOUKU—A Closer look at the YYYTube of China.


Street ARTS—*The SOUL of the city*


Culture shock: Fast food in Beijing and Melbourne




The desire of beauty is human nature, especially for women and the perspective of beauty are different to anyone in any countries. In a common region, people share relatively conformableviews of beauty. However, for different areas, there will be wildly discrepancy, for example Beijing and Melbourne, which will introduce in three major differences: make-up, fashion style, Complexion in this blog.


While Melbourne is a city with highly freedom and permissive, China however, is more conservative. As a result, people in Melbourne tend to start wearing make-up earlier than Chinese people. In China, it is forbidden for girls to wear make-up to school even in high school. In addition, the elderly people wear make-up too in Melbourne and they will never stop to follow the beauty, which they though irrelative to the age.

Differently, the older generations in China do not care about their appearance as much and they just make cleaning without any skin care products and cosmetic products as they mainly focus on their health. What shocked me is boys in

Melbourne wear make-up too, which due to the opened culture ofMelbourne. However, in China, men who care about appearance so much or do make-up are considered feminine or gay.


Fashion Style:

As the permissively culture in Melbourne, people are dress more casually and wear whatever they want. It could be the Melbourne fashion style, where with highly distinguishing feature and characteristic. For example, some girls in Melbourne prefer to wear a loose vest and the brassiere was exposed or guy whose jeans nearly fell down. Form Chinese eyes, those styles are extremely exaggerated and people who dress in this way are deemed to exhibitionism. People in Beijing are typically wearing orthodox clothing. Which refers to exactly matching and fitting of clothing and one’s body shape.




Melbourne people prefer tanning goods, which I never seen in China, as they believe tanned skin color represent the sexiness and healthiness. While in China, the whitening products are extremely popular as they considered white skin as a symbol of beauty and noble. In China, most of people are holding umbrella under the burning sun, which is inapprehensible and eccentric from perspective of Melbournian.


Every individual hold different sense of beauty and the various and diversity of beauty style certainly enriched people’s field of vision. But be your self is the most important, which is the reason that I love Melbourne so much.


We are different since we were CHILD—Watch educational differences through the case of “Cinderella”

Here is the “Cinderella Example” teaching in the both Western and Chinese elementary school class. 

Western version:

Class started, teacher invited a child to narrate the whole story and the teacher shows thankfulness to the student.

Teacher: Who do you like most in this story?  Who do not like and why?

Student: I like Cinderella and the prince and hate her stepmother and stepsisters. Cinderella is virtuous and beautiful, her stepmother and stepsisters treat her bad.

Teacher: What would happen if Cinderella couldn’t return to the pumpkin coach at midnight?

Student: Cinderella will return the dirty appearance formerly, wearing beat-up clothes, Oh, that miserably.

Teacher: So, you must do as a punctual person, otherwise it would take troubles to you. In addition, you see, each of you dresses up yourself nice customarily, please never appears untidily in front of the other persons out of the blue, not so, your friends will be frightened.

Teahcer; Ok, next question: if you are Cinderella’s stepmother, will you hinder her go to the princely ball? Must be honest.

Student: Yes, I will stop her if I am her stepmother. 


Student: Because I love my daughter and I hope my daughter would be the queen.

Teahcer: Yes, so all the step mothers we saw seem as dad women, they are not good enough to the others, but to her own children, they are good mother. Ok, kids, next question, Cinderella’s mother don’t allow her to take part in the ball, even locking the door, why she could go and be the top beauty of all the girls?

Student:Because she was helped by a fairy, dog and mouse.

Teacher: So, even if Cinderella has no mother to love her, her stepmother doesn’t love her, it can’t stop her loving herself. Just for her loves herself, she can look for what she wants by herself by any possibility. So what should you do?

Student: Love yourself.

Teacher:  Last question, did any illogicality in this story?

Student: all the things change to the original except her slipper.

Teacher: Great! You see, such great writer also made mistake. So mistake is not terrible. I guarantee, if anyone of you want to be the writer in the future and you must be better than this author. Do you believe that?

Students: Cheering.

Chinese version:

Teacher: today we will learn the story of Cinderella. Question, who is Cinderella? Who is the author? When does the author born? Any significant experiences of the author during his entire life? What is the essential meaning of this story?


Teacher: ok, let us have a look the article, any student can points a section, and explain the reason of sections?

Student: first and last paragraph can be independent selection, separately. Middle part is one big selection.

Teacher: this sentence is parable sentence. Smile? Metaphor? Why author describd  in this way?

Student: Sleep….ZZZZZ

Teacher: please focus on this word, why does it not as good as the author did if I change to other word to narrate this situation?

Student: ZZZ

Teacher: Is it reasonable If exchange this paragraph with another, why?

Student: ZZZZZ

Teacher: why many of you are sleep in the class, you should know you are not able to pass the exam and lose opportunities to enter university if you are not memorise those things.

Culture shock: Fast food in Beijing and Melbourne

major differences of fast food culture

There is a Chinese saying, “For the people food is their heave”, and nowhere is this more evident than the fast food in Beijing. Except the Western-style fast food, like McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and subway, Beijing has its own fast food culture.  Actually, it was more likely called by local people “street food” rather than “fast food”. Street food is ready-to-eat food and people purchase street food because of ethnic taste, quickly obtained or money saving. As one of the most unique features in Beijing, street food comes in a thousand different flavors, shapes, and sizes. Street food are typically located in the big office buildings and outside schools as the sellers set up to tempt people of all ages when they arrive at work, during lunch breaks and when they leave. Contemporarily, there are specific place to find street food, like Wangfujing Street, or Donghuamen Street, which both considered as the street food landmark in Beijing.

Beijing Street food

Beijing street food is certainly surprise people with all sorts of delicacies and rare species of animal or vegetation. The basic options of street food include Beijing staples, like steaming bowls of spicy má là tàng (noodle soup served with various meat and vegetables), zhájiàngmiàn (noodles in fried bean sauce), or Baozi (steamed stuffed bun), Ròujiāmó (Beijing Sandwich), etc, which are highly common and popular in Beijing. If you’d prefer a more adventurous diner, it will be a worth experience to try deep-fried insects, scorpions, Sea horses and even starfish-on-a-stick. Most of those extreme foods possess medicinal qualities that improve and preserve people’s health, even it look horrible and disgusting. In addition to street food, the fast food is provided indoors, like food court. For the indoor fast food sell, customer has to wait approximately 2 minis as it is immediately cooked as ordered.

Melbourne Fast food

I believe what I mention above is unacceptable for Melbournian as people in Melbourne are highly awareness of animal protection, as well as environmental friendly. Apart from Kentucky Fried Chicken, Nando’s, which is extremely normal, the food court with diverse food sell is pervasive, such as Sushi and freshly prepared sandwich as ordered. Melbourne has diverse population with multicultural background, which result in the multiple and assorted food selection. Melbourne has its own street food, include The Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck.

Sellers normally drive the truck and park in the busy pedestrian place or near the market. Differently, the street food is not as diverse as Beijing and you might only find one truck of street food sell in the whole street or market and the sellers are not gathered in the common place.

Street food in China is more than eating or solving hunger, which are considered as a fashionable way of spends the evening. It has become a unique culture in a period of time. Fast food culture in Melbourne is strong, even it unlikely serve on the street.

Street ARTS—*The SOUL of the city*

Melbourne is a city with rich street arts culture, where is often regarded as the “cultural capital of Australia”. Indeed, Melbourne will never disappoint people because it is endowed with freedom, which can be completely displayed through their street arts culture. Similarly, Beijing is the country’s cultural center as well. It has accumulated plenty of culture possessions for a long period of time, and local people are proud of the long history. As a result, most of arts are historical transmission and some of Chinese traditional arts are gradually evolved into street arts, such as 2-string fiddle, Chinese traditional instrument. I will some highly common street art in this blog.


Firstly, in Melbourne, “Busker” culture is one of the most essential street arts. The prominent area for street art found is the inner city area, or the busy pedestrian place, such as Swanston Street and Flinders station. So highly diverse the style of busker in Melbourne is that some of them are acting weird or dress up as the famous characters in order to attract the audience.Additionally, street dancers become beautiful scenery on the street. It is quite common to see Melbourne Street dancers bring their own music players and perform in the street. They are too addicted in dancing to pay attention to passerby and the money given by them. It is not exaggerated that sometimes the performance may even cause traffic jam. Melbourne people live in a free style, which enables them to be “themselves” and develop their own interest. Contrarily, the majority of “Busker” in Beijing is elder people as busking is similar to beggar from the perspective of many Chinese. Some elder people with skills like singing and playing instruments will perform on the street after they retire. ERHU (Chinese2–string fiddle) and the Chinese traditional drama are also ordinary.

Some amateur musicians often show up at underground. However, compared to Melbourne, musicians and dancers in Beijing can hardly appear on the street since it is hard to perform in a crowed environment.


Graffiti in Melbourne is considered as a unique street art, though it has become controversial by local people previously. Melbourne becomes an attractive place for both local and visiting graffiti artists who arrive9 from interstate and overseas to leave their mark via bill posters, stencils. Melbourne’s train lines are the main locations for graffiti and tagging. Hoiser Lane is Melbourne’s most famous laneway for street art and there are many laneways in the inner city area as well. However, graffiti in Beijing is not popular and some graffiti even are illegal.

Street Chess

Moreover, the Chinese chess, which is regarded as the most famous street art of China in contemporary, is worth to be mentioned. It is common to see that there are two people playing games surrounded by groups of people in the street, which is called chess booth. This small groups are composed of the retired, passers-by and those who live nearby. It attracts players from other places to challenge local players at times. It gradually becomes a unique street art in Beijing.

Either Beijing or Melbourne has its own distinguished street arts culture. Deeply impressed by the free style and innovation of the street arts of Melbourne, I like the Melbourne style more.

This video is street performance in Swanston street, are you familiar with it?

YOUKU—A Closer look at the YouTube of China.

Youku Inc, (simplified Chinese: 优酷), means excellent and cool, is a Chinese video hosting service and video sharing website based in the people’s republic of China. Keeping in mind that YouTube is blocked in China for almost three years and YOUKU, the largest online video company, was playing an essential role in China media industry as YouTube did in western country, has been hailed as the YouTube of China.

Youku initially emphasized user-generated content and it allows users to upload their own content and sharing videos created by ordinary users, through it mostly broadcasts film and programming licensed from movie studios and TV companies. As we all know, excepting the official video, drama or program from the television station or media company, YouTube is a video-sharing website, which displayed a wide variety of user-generated video content, including movie clips, music video, teaching video or just video of one’s daily life and it much more focusing on the original created. According to the research, one hour long video will be upload on YouTube every second, and 350,000 users will upload video per day in average.  Continue reading

individualism VS collectivism

Australian is a country with highly individualistic culture background, which refers to people are oriented around self and to be independent, instead of identifying with a group mentality. As an important part of Australia, the extremely leisure lifestyle are result from Australia’s individualistic culture background. In Australian, human rights are emphasised and people’s personal rights are highly protected by law. For example, Melbournian are off work punctually and it is nearly impossible ask them to work over time until midnight, as they are highly focusing on life quality and personal rights. By contrast, this phenomenon is significantly common and pervasive in China, especially in Beijing. In China, people are educated within a collectivistic culture since they were young and people were asked to perceive themselves as a part of the community and the achievement and honor of group should be considered in priority. As a result, the ideology is shaped and people pay less attention on their personal right. Within that community, people are losing creativity gradually as what people everyday do is follow the instruction and generate the interest for company, and people could get interest for them simultaneously.

In Australia, as well as UK, and US, individualism enable people to be self-reliant, people are expected to speak up and express their personal opinions, even if they are contrary to those of group. However, in collectivist cultures, a person’s identity is wrapped up in their group, so they are likes to favor promoting group harmony than expressing their contrary personal opinion. For example, the Melbourne students are asking question in class frequently, and they are eager to share a thought and personal opinion, even it is different with teacher, and what they expressing is respect by others. What is worthy highlighting is Australia people with “I” background are more naturally seek to advance their own interest within their job, however, for Chinese people, are more likely to find a “job” to ensure their life quality, even it is not his or her truly wanted.

Here is video for more explanation on Individualism and collectivism.